Cardinals Thru 7

5-2 through their first seven games isn’t too bad, but their record should be 7-0. The starting pitching has been there with the exception of Carpenter being a little shaky in his first two starts (5 HRs allowed already vs. 7 HRs all of last year). The offense has been scoring runs as well, but then again when Pujols has 5 HRs and is hitting over .400 he can single-handedly score enough runs to win.

The only real issue thus far is the same issue it was expected to be: the bullpen. They’ve gotten both loses in two walk-off homers in the bottom of the ninth inning. Motte still thinks he can throw it by everyone, and Franklin needs pin-point location to succeed as his stuff steadily declines.  The lefties have been solid as usual.  Boggs and Hawksworth have gotten the job done when called upon and surprisingly, McClellan has struggled mightily.  This will continue to be an issue throughout the season and will be the one thing that constantly holds the Cardinals back.

This week the Cardinals have the Astros and the Mets.  Let’s go, Cards!!


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