MLB Predictions Revisited

The MLB season is a little more than halfway through so I am going to revisit my preseason predictions to see where I stand.  Let’s take a look at the division leaders first.  My predictions will be in the standard font, and the actual leaders will be in bold in the parentheses.

NL Central – STL (STL)
NL West – Rockies (Padres)
NL East – Phillies (Braves)
NL Wildcard – Braves (Reds & Giants)

AL Central – Twins (White Sox)
AL West – Rangers (Rangers)
AL East – Yankees (Yankees)
AL Wildcard – Rays (Rays)

That isn’t too bad. I have 5/8 teams currently in the playoffs.

Now let’s take a look at the MVPs and Cy Young winners. Same format as above, obviously the ones in bold would be my MVPs/Cy Youngs at the moment.

NL MVP – Pujols (Howard or Pujols)
AL MVP – ARod (Miguel Cabrera)
NL Cy Young – Halladay (Wainwright)
AL Cy Young – Felix (Sabathia)

I didn’t quite do so well on the awards. I was way off on the Cy Young winners. Halladay hasn’t pitched very well since his perfect game, and the Phillies’ offense has been terrible. Felix has pitched well, but he plays for Seattle. Enough said. Pujols will still win the MVP. And ARod has a ton of RBIs but doesn’t stand a chance if Cabrera keeps this up. Josh Hamilton is on his heels if he stays healthy as well.


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