Sports Everywhere

The Dallas bye week is behind us. The MLB playoffs are underway. It is a great time to be a sports fan right now. The Ryder Cup was as thrilling as I’ve ever seen, albeit I have not seen many Ryder Cup’s in my short existence here. Either way, seeing Hunter Mahan duff a chip when the cup was on the line makes me feel a little better about my golf game; I am not quite sure why, but it does. Then again I am not sure I’d my golf game a golf game after the way I played last weekend. I think I ended up losing more golf balls than the number of holes I played.

Speaking of the MLB playoffs, there have been a number of great performances already. Roy Halladay threw the second postseason no-hitter ever, and it was his first postseason start – can we say clutch? Tim Lincecum also dominated last night striking out a SF Giants’ playoff record 14 batters. The Minnesota Twins have also put on quite a display. They have continued their utter abysmal play against the Yankees. It really is impressive that the Twins have scored first in the last 9 games against them and lost every one. And apparently the fans knew what they were doing in Tampa by not going to the games seeing as the Rays have been outscored 11-1 in the first two games. Who would have thought the Rangers would be in the ALCS this year? It is impressive, and they have as good of a chance has anyone to beat the Yankees.

I am thrilled Dallas will be back on the field this Sunday, and I will have more to root for than my fantasy guys. I will be watching to see if Dallas can get their first W at home this season against the Titans. I would prefer the duo of Tony Romo and Miles Austin to dominate the game and box score. That way the ‘Boys as well as my two fantasy teams will all finish the week as winners.

Until next time, enjoy…


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