That didn’t quite go as planned, but then again, what has this year for the Cowboys? It has been an up and down ride thus far through four games. My analysis is no different than it has been for any of the other losses – too many penalties, too many turnovers, blah, blah, blah…we’ve heard it all before. The one thing many articles I’ve read this week are focusing on the run/pass ratio of Dallas. The one game they made a point to run was their lone win of the season at Houston. If you really look at it though, many of the runs came in the 4th quarter when Dallas had the lead so this is a bit misleading. Dallas believes it’s a passing team with all of the receiving threats that they have, but they cannot simply drop back and throw every time and win like the Colts, Saints, and Pats. They try to sprinkle in the run and keep the defense honest. I do believe they need to run the ball more, but is it really that simple? We’ve heard all season long how bad their offensive line is so what makes everyone think they can run the ball? Is running the ball just to run the ball going to be effective? I do think the offensive line is a little better than everyone thinks. The one thing that might happen if the Cowboys run more: less penalties. The offensive line struggles in pass protection which was clearly evident against Tennessee. This results in them holding and false starting more because they cannot consistently block their man straight up for the extended period of time that is needed. If they run the ball they only need to block their man for a short period of time.

Hey now, I am just trying to look on the bright side. They’re 1-3 so I think it’s more than just the run/pass ratio.


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