Dumb Football

The Dallas Cowboys are doing some amazing things this year. No, that is not a joke. They are dominating on the offensive side of the ball and on the defensive side of the ball – both sides are in the “top” five, whatever that truly means is beyond me. Of course, this does not mean anything considering that they currently sit in last place with a 1-4 record, but it is truly amazing to watch moments of brilliance and dominance followed by utter stupidity. It seems as if the Cowboys’ players skipped Pop Warner and high school football and went directly to college and the NFL. Things like protecting the football, not committing penalties, and playing smart are all some of the first lessons you learn when you begin playing football. Although, I do not have much playing experience except for the years I spent in elementary and middle school playing flag football (Madden as well, if you want to count that), but these are lessons even I was taught. This is why it is amazing. These professional athletes are getting paid to play football at the highest level. They can catch, throw, and run with the best of ’em, but they cannot commit less than 10 penalties a game…seriously?! Maybe I have it all wrong. Who knows. It is easy to say what you want from the sidelines and as a fan, but I don’t see many other teams struggling with these same issues.

This all leads me to exactly why I think firing Wade Phillips is just a way to cover up everything else. It is the easy thing to do; it’d buy the Cowboys a few extra weeks to dig up different excuses. With every loss, firing Wade will be brought up even though Jerry Jones has said numerous times he will not be fired during the season. Like I said in a previous post, sometimes you just have to look at the players. Example one and the only one I am going to use: Dallas gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Tennessee for excessive celebration after a TD. This costs them 15 yards and plays a pivotal role in them losing the game. This week, after their first TD against the Vikings they get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for excessive celebration. Ummm, I don’t care who the coach was, is, whatever – that is just dumb football.


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