The Itch to Travel

Traveling is listed on just about everyone’s bucket list including mine, yet it seems like we always make excuses not to cross it off – it’s too expensive, I don’t have time, I cannot get off of work, etc.  Now that I have been doing some traveling for work (no where exciting) and spend a fair amount of time in airports, I have been getting the itch to travel to places I’ve yet to visit.  The fact that I see the exotic destinations regularly when checking my gate on the ‘Departures’ screen doesn’t help that itch go away either.  Visiting new places is a quick way to make lasting memories, learn about yourself, and appreciate other cultures amongst many other things.  It also offers a change of pace from our day-to-day lives and rejuvenates us when we return to our ‘normal’ lives because we want to work hard and do it all over again soon.

Traveling is something that we should all do whether it be a weekend getaway up north or a three week backpacking trip trough Europe.  Seeing new and unfamiliar places is what really matters.  It opens our minds and challenges us.  I have started putting money away each month to ensure that I can start planning my next trip.  I have a few ideas but nothing set in stone yet.  I recommend everyone do the same and stop making excuses.


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