The NFL & My Emotions

It has been a while since I last wrote about the Dallas Cowboys, for good reason — 4-8 doesn’t quite cut it.  This post is not necessarily about them but inspired by them.  Dallas has been playing much better football as of late and has been able to get a couple of wins. Each Tuesday, Bob Sturm writes an article for the sport’s section of the Dallas Morning News called “Decoding Garrett” where he breaks down important plays throughout the last football game (here is the link for this weeks post). Watching these plays is obviously much more enjoyable after a win.  In this case, I cannot help but get the chills because you know your team made the crucial plays when they needed to.  And the other side is often the complete opposite, you do not want to relive the game because you see the little things that went wrong that inevitably sealed your team’s losing fate.
This all leads me to this.  I realize the Cowboys are out of the playoff hunt and the rest of their games are essentially meaningless in the long run, but this could not be further from the truth for diehard football fans. Before each and every Dallas game I am a nervous wreck.  It’s tough to say this for my other teams in different sports because they play so many more games throughout the season that it’s hard to say each game carries the same weight although they all technically do.  With football, it seems like every game is the season, and everything is much more magnified.  I really think this is why football’s popularity has surpassed every other sport in America.  The fact that each team only plays once a week allows a lot of critiquing to be done for each game and a long time for losing teams, and fans, to redeem themselves.  These outcomes often play a  huge role in how our attitudes are going to be the following Monday.  After a win you walk into work with a little hop in your step because you know you get to brag a bit, but when they lose you walk a little slower with your head slightly down. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case, but it’s tough not to let the outcome of the game carry over and determine your emotional state for the next few days.  This emotional toll is exactly why the record of your team becomes irrelevant because there is still a period of time you get to experience the emotional high of a win (assuming your team wins at least one game).  Their record aside, I am still rooting just as hard for a Dallas win every Sunday as I would be if they were Super Bowl contenders because I know how much better it feels the following Monday.


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