It’s the Little Things

Most people enjoy hearing compliments; it makes them feel good about themselves. We go out on dates and immediately say/hear, “I love your outfit. You look so nice.” We get a smile on our face, maybe blush a little, and then move onto the next thing. We quickly forget about it because it’s a generic compliment. It’s easy to say and almost necessary. If you’re out with someone it’s safe to assume you’re attracted to that person (if not, you’ve got other issues) and there are a number of obvious physical characteristics you like –they have a nice smile, you like their eyes, you love their long blonde, curly hair, etc. I’m not saying we all need to take these things for granted and forget them because yes, it is nice to hear these things once and a while, but the real compliments are the little things. I want to hear how you get butterflies in your stomach before we hang out, how you like when I rub a certain part of your back, or how easy I am to talk to because I am simply a good listener. These are the things we don’t notice about ourselves because it’s impossible to realize we do certain things without them being brought to our attention. When you hear a compliment like that you subsequently think about it every time you do it from there on out, and each and every time it brings a smile to your face. These are the compliments that truly stand out and have a lasting impression. Think of something your significant other does that makes you smile; now go tell them.


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