Can people be too right for each other?

No relationship is perfect; that’s a given, but there are definitely couples that seem “perfect.” These are the couples I am talking about. We get into a relationship because we, obviously, enjoy sharing our time with someone else. We also want to grow and develop as a person with our significant other. This is done easiest when the two individuals share slightly different interests and hobbies hence why they (who ever “they” really is) say opposites attract. In no way am I saying the more opposite the people the more we’ll grow as people; there needs to be something initially that draws these people together – most likely a common interest or hobby. Each person in the relationship has to step outside of their comfort zones at times to appease their partner. Appease might not be the right word because at times we do want to step outside of our comfort zone because we want to try things our partner is interested in. Then again, there are the times we do them to simply appease the other person. These are the times we are forced to learn, become vulnerable, grow, make mistakes, become wiser, and develop into better people. The roles are often flip-flopped frequently so we get a chance to be on both ends of the situation — teaching and learning.  All in all, these experiences together enable us to bond and grow as a couple. The relationship becomes stronger as we grow as individuals.

If two people are too similar they don’t push each other. The relationship may be awesome, loving, and very healthy, but the individuals in the relationship may not get a chance to expand their views and knowledge. They get so used to doing the same things over and over and are very content doing just these things, but there is a lack of development. I keep using the word relationship and non-development like they’re bad things here. I am talking more about the people in the relationships. If relationships get redundant, we, and our minds, become stagnant as well. If you’re in a relationship and feel like you’re in a rut — go sign up for cooking classes, yoga, or simply take a vacation to a spot neither one of you has been to before. As great as we may think our relationships are, we must continue to grow as individuals as well. Take a step back and make sure this is happening for you; I will do the same.


One Comment on “Can people be too right for each other?”

  1. I agree with you completely. My love and I do different things all the time to have fun. But I will say that bonding and connection time where we can just sit and talk is my favorite time. (:

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