Long Distance Relationships

It’s pretty simple, long distance relationships are hard. This is a given, but the big question is if the situation is temporary, are they good or bad for relationships? I would argue for better. As much as anyone says otherwise relationships develop into a routine. That isn’t meant to sound like a bad thing, I promise. It’s just that we tend to do a lot of the same things over and over with our partners; things we are comfortable doing and enjoying together. We stop noticing certain things that once drew us in and begin taking these things for granted. Then all of a sudden we realize that the other person is going away and that things are going to change for a while. We aren’t going to be able to continue the same routine we’ve been sticking to over the last few days/months/years. We are forced to take a step back and look at the relationship in a different way. We do not get to see and touch our partner the way we’re used to so we have to find other ways to get this connection in which inevitably makes us focus back on the little things. We start to notice the small habits that we miss about the person we’ve been taking for granted. Maybe it’s brushing your teeth together before bed, sitting on the couch with one person’s legs on the other, or maybe it’s just coming home and giving/getting a hug and a kiss. These are the things we need to try and do in different ways so we feel the same connection. This may be a simple letter they don’t know is coming, an email with a link that reminded you of them, or taking 5-10 minutes out at the same time each day just to say hello. Long distance relationships force the people involved to think outside of the box to find ways to recreate the emotions they have when they’re together. They don’t have to cause constant sadness and loneliness. Essentially, they should improve your communication as a couple and reassure you why you’re together in the first place.


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