First time to NYC

I recently returned from my first trip to New York City. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get out there. I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arriving because everything I read said something different. I had been researching things to do, places to go, etc. but it seems like everything I read was suddenly lost once I landed. And it is vacation so everything you plan on doing takes a backseat to just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. I will say I think I did a fine job of combining the two: doing just enough to see what I thought was necessary and relaxing as one should on vacation. I don’t think NYC has any ONE thing you need to see (Central Park may be the closest). I say that because we’ve all seen everything on TV and movies. It essentially feels the same when you look at the monuments in person as well.  The thing about NYC is seeing how crazy it is on a daily basis. That’s the one thing I took away from visiting. There’s simply no way to imagine how nuts the traffic, sidewalks, stores, and restaurants all are. Just being in NYC feels different than other places. I would imagine you could go to New York City a dozen times and experience new places each time. There are an overwhelmingly number of places to go. To cut to the chase with this post, I would simply recommend going there with no expectations and just soak it all in. It’s not often you’re going to be in a place with 8 million people. You don’t need to go on all of the tours or see everything your first time; it’s impossible anyway. Walk out of your hotel and just start walking. You’ll find interesting shops, buildings, restaurants around every corner. And when you need to rest, sit outside for lunch, grab a drink, and just watch the hustle bustle that’s out there with you.

PS — don’t buy one those “I heart NYC” shirts, please.


One Comment on “First time to NYC”

  1. Michael says:

    Couldn’t have said it better with new experiences every time! I find something new and interesting every day and blog about it!

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