It has been too long…

…since my last post of random shit so here goes:

  • so stoked the NFL season is about to start. Come on, Dallas!
  • went camping for the first time a few weekends ago (shit, it’s not “roughin’ it” at all with the setups people have)
  • if you go to NYC, don’t worry about sightseeing just go to eat at as many places as possible
  • while you’re at all of those restaurants, plan on paying $10+ per cocktail
  • does everyone have a favorite outfit?
  • does anyone else like smores with only the graham crackers and chocolate? (I hate marshmallows)
  • why do people get freaked out by sandwich thins? (if you don’t know what those are, shame on you)
  • no better place to people watch than the lake/beach
  • tried oysters for the first time – delicious.
  • some people are just not good at texting – yes you can be good or bad at texting
  • get/send someone close a random gift, it’ll make their day
  • can open relationships really work?
  • if you’re too young to make a decision on making yourself sterile doesn’t that mean you’re too young to have kids as well?
  • busted out an old school NES and Super Mario Bros. on the 50″ plasma last night – didn’t quite feel the same.
  • if you’re in Minneapolis go spend a Saturday morning at one of the numerous Farmers’ Markets
  • the best communication in relationships happens in bed with the lights off (get your mind out of the gutter)

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