I suck at blogging.

  • it’s always awkward when you catch someone staring at you, and vice versa
  • who drives like they were taught in driving school?!
  • doesn’t a low-key cafe/coffee shop that serves liquor sound ideal for studying/getting work done? there aren’t any places in-between the typical coffee shop and the loud bar.
  • warm toilet seats are nice, but it’s a bit creepy knowing why it’s warm
  • was 21 pulled from a hat for the drinking age or how did that come about?
  • Tim McCarver is quite possibly the worst announcer. 
  • between NFL football and the MLB postseason I have zero nails left
  • clearly by the point above I started these a while ago…
  • went to STL for game 7 (absolute chaos!)
  • is it that hard to use your blinker?
  • when do most people stop making a Christmas list? (I still make one)
  • speaking of Christmas, it’s coming up so fast, damn.
  • why does asparagus make your pee stink? (I feel like I’ve asked this question before)
  • the iPhone 4S is quite snappy
  • Siri and I are still in that awkward phase in our relationship
  • Took a roadtrip to Mason City, IA to visit Historic Park Inn (if you get a chance, go. it’s beauitful.)
  • that’s about it…for now…

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