Observations from Toronto

  • Inside of every building is hot as hell – like you sweat when it’s freezing outside.
  • Sushi restaurants here are like Starbucks in America.
  • Sex shops sure aren’t hard to find either.
  • Toronto is really big but doesn’t feel big; I like that.
  • All women wear a skirt with leggings or tights and a pair of boots every day.
  • Toronto is south of Minneapolis.
  • People walk super fast here.
  • There are no bathrooms, only washrooms.
  • Public transportation is setup perfectly here.
  • Alcohol is insanely expensive from the stores; in the bar, not so bad.
  • Turnstile-like doors are everywhere.
  • There are no such thing as lines – basically just a mad dash for the door/entrance/exit/etc.
  • Porter Airlines has free wine and beer on their flights.
  • Tim Tebow is talked about here as much as he is in the US (way too much).
  • And finally, yes, you should visit Toronto if you have the opportunity.

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