Pens & Pencils

Whenever I want to write a letter to someone, or something that I know will last a while, I always grab the same pen. There’s something about how the pen feels in your hand and how the tip feels on the piece of paper. It just seems like your print is always better with that certain pen as well. That probably has something to do with the confidence you feel when using it. Generally, we just grab the pen that’s most convenient and jot something done. When we grab our favorite pen, we want to use it and are excited to use it. When you do something you enjoy you relax and focus a bit more — using your favorite pen is no different.

The same can be said about pencils – mechanical pencils vs. your traditional pencils. Most people have a preference for one or the other. I definitely prefer a mechanical pencil when given the choice. There is always a sharp side of the lead that I can use. I constantly rotate the pencil in my hand to make sure I am writing with that edge. I am not sure what it is, but I feel like my handwriting is dramatically better with a mechanical pencil as opposed to the traditional one.


Where will this end up?

I’m starting this post having no idea where it may end up. I want to write about taking things/people for granted, diets/self-help/finance books failing, why in the hell do we learn cursive, alcoholism, not having any ideas what to write about, having too many ideas but no complete thoughts, why I love lists and random thoughts/ideas/phrases, living alone, why I love geeks and how I wish I was a complete nerd, and probably a lot of other things that crossed through my head lately, but nothing seems to be coming to mind to complete a post about any one of the topics I just listed so I decided to start writing and see what happens. As you can see I’m not really off to a good start.

Maybe this is more of a brainstorming exercise where I think of all the things I want to write about on the above subjects seeing as I just wrote down all of those things and added bullets with additional thoughts. I think this is where I tell you to stop reading and go do something else because nothing is going to follow. I tend to save these random posts/thoughts for my tumblr account (no that wasn’t meant to be a shameless plug), but my blog has been feeling left out lately. Anyway, I give up. I plan on touching each of the topics I mentioned above in much more depth so if you like reading my blog then that will give you something to look forward to.

The answer to the title – no where…yet.

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Today is my wonderful Mother’s birthday. She’s never used a computer on her own before, let alone own one, so today we’re giving her her very own iPad (hopefully she can figure out how to launch this site and read this post). I’m not going to lie, but I’m not even sure how old she is turning today. The truth is though it doesn’t even matter because she looks/acts/lives her life like a much younger woman than she is. Then again, I don’t think she’s really counting anymore either. Really, her birthday just gives us another excuse (as if we need anymore) to all get together to eat and drink too much. Here is too my Mother – happy birthday, Mom. I love you.

Memorial Weekend Nonsense

  • Is gas ever not $x.xx and 9/10?
  • I cannot stand drivers who do not get above 40 mph on the on ramp
  • Looking for a new apartment and thinking about moving is never fun
  • Signing a lease and relaxing once you’re all moved in is always fun (or so I thought…)
  • No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not going to eat chips and salsa from your favorite Mexican restaurant it never happens. You are still full before your meal comes then even more miserable afterwards
  • I’ve been exposed to a ton of good music lately (The Weepies, Tegan & Sara to name some), and it’s definitely one of those things where you don’t know what you’re missing until you know what is out there
  • I always struggle with whether or not to capitalize the first letter in bulleted posts (I obviously decided to capitalize them in this post)
  • Boneless or traditional wings?
  • When thinking of Memorial Day, do you think it has to consist of sun, grilling out, drinking, and outdoor games like I do?
  • My mom won’t read this…but this weekend is her birthday and we got her an iPad
  • Yes, I’m spreading my obsession with Apple products to my Mother
  • A hot dog, brat, or hamburger on the grill – can only have one…what is it?
  • Speaking of Apple products, if anyone out there is considering a new laptop and doesn’t consider the MacBook Air you’re selling yourself short. Just saying.
  • That might be about it…I could probably go on forever, but I need to go eat…enjoy your weekend, folks! (remember¬†sun, grilling out, drinking, and outdoor games and throw some golf in there as well)

Can people be too right for each other?

No relationship is perfect; that’s a given, but there are definitely couples that seem “perfect.” These are the couples I am talking about. We get into a relationship because we, obviously, enjoy sharing our time with someone else. We also want to grow and develop as a person with our significant other. This is done easiest when the two individuals share slightly different interests and hobbies hence why they (who ever “they” really is) say opposites attract. In no way am I saying the more opposite the people the more we’ll grow as people; there needs to be something initially that draws these people together – most likely a common interest or hobby. Each person in the relationship has to step outside of their comfort zones at times to appease their partner. Appease might not be the right word because at times we do want to step outside of our comfort zone because we want to try things our partner is interested in. Then again, there are the times we do them to simply appease the other person. These are the times we are forced to learn, become vulnerable, grow, make mistakes, become wiser, and develop into better people. The roles are often flip-flopped frequently so we get a chance to be on both ends of the situation — teaching and learning.¬† All in all, these experiences together enable us to bond and grow as a couple. The relationship becomes stronger as we grow as individuals.

If two people are too similar they don’t push each other. The relationship may be awesome, loving, and very healthy, but the individuals in the relationship may not get a chance to expand their views and knowledge. They get so used to doing the same things over and over and are very content doing just these things, but there is a lack of development. I keep using the word relationship and non-development like they’re bad things here. I am talking more about the people in the relationships. If relationships get redundant, we, and our minds, become stagnant as well. If you’re in a relationship and feel like you’re in a rut — go sign up for cooking classes, yoga, or simply take a vacation to a spot neither one of you has been to before. As great as we may think our relationships are, we must continue to grow as individuals as well. Take a step back and make sure this is happening for you; I will do the same.

Are Friends Overrated?

“Bros before hoes” and “chicks before dicks” are common phrases used when one friend chooses to hang out with their boyfriend/girlfriend instead of their friend(s). I want to dissect these sayings a little more to see how pertinent they really are. We grow up hanging out with friends on a daily basis and get used to having friends to call and hang out with. These friends generally feel the same way in return and are always game to spend a lot of time together. We may be friends with some of these people for 5+ years so there is a routine developed. During these years (middle school and high school) we start to mature while we become closer friends but also, we develop an interest to pursue more intimate relationships. When we find someone significant in high school and begin hanging out with them on a consistent basis we generally get one of the two phrases mentioned above thrown our way. The friend we have been hanging out with over the years has suddenly been placed in the backseat and now feels like they are being replaced. Since we spend so much hanging out with friends in high school it feels like you have to choose one or the other. This puts the person in the relationship between a rock and a hard place.

Now fast forward to college. Many people go off to school and start over. They don’t have many friends and most likely don’t have any close friends. During this time they are meeting people at a friendship level but also are meeting potential boyfriends/girlfriends. We hardly develop routines with certain friends in such a short time that require us to always be spending time with them. Also, the friends we do make are in the same classes, live in the same dorm, etc. so there is natural time built in where we still see each other on a consistent basis. We are on our own and live in close proximity to one another making it easy to get lunch or a drink together. The time spent together does not have to be entire nights like it seems to be in high school. We are also generally much busier and the expectation to hang out every night is not there. Our good friends in college may expect to see each other once on the weekend and a few times briefly throughout the week. This is by no means a big chunk of time. This leaves us with plenty of time to do our “own” thing and to hang out with someone we want to develop a serious relationship with. We don’t feel the pressure of having to choose one or the other.

In the grand scheme of things, life seems to more closely resemble our time in college. We essentially want to find someone we can spend the rest of our life with and have friends on the side. Friends are not overrated; we just don’t need them around as much.

Things I Learned/Observed on SB in Panama City Beach

  • it’s old and dirty
  • it was never too early to start drinking (like 8am start drinking)
  • there are a lot of tan women with big boobs/butts that look good from your hotel balcony but very few that actually look good when you’re on the beach
  • food service (and just about any other service) is terrible in Florida (I expected this but it still sucks going through it each and every time)
  • don’t expect a taxi to actually show up if you call one; walk the street and flag one down
  • do not plan on getting any sleep
  • the bigger the group of people you go with the better (even if it is all dudes)
  • you will see every type of person on the beach and lots of them
  • the daytime partying on the beach is what makes spring break what it is; the nightlife is no different than any big city
  • you’ll need way fewer clothes than you think you will (then again, every vacation is like that)
  • determine how much you think you will spend. Then double it. The prices will surprise you everywhere you go. ($8 for a gallon of terrible OJ, for example)
  • every car you see has rims that are worth at least twice as much as the car they’re on and the cars are shit
  • don’t forget to put on sunscreen just because you’re out drinking
  • flip-flops/shoes are always optional
  • shirts are generally optional as well
  • bring the biggest plastic mug/cup/container you have for your drinks on the beach – it limits the number of times you have to go back yo your hotel room and keeps the sand out
  • you have to go to a “typical” spring break destination at least once to see what it is like. it might not be your thing, but the people watching in and of itself definitely makes it worth it