Memorial Weekend Nonsense

  • Is gas ever not $x.xx and 9/10?
  • I cannot stand drivers who do not get above 40 mph on the on ramp
  • Looking for a new apartment and thinking about moving is never fun
  • Signing a lease and relaxing once you’re all moved in is always fun (or so I thought…)
  • No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not going to eat chips and salsa from your favorite Mexican restaurant it never happens. You are still full before your meal comes then even more miserable afterwards
  • I’ve been exposed to a ton of good music lately (The Weepies, Tegan & Sara to name some), and it’s definitely one of those things where you don’t know what you’re missing until you know what is out there
  • I always struggle with whether or not to capitalize the first letter in bulleted posts (I obviously decided to capitalize them in this post)
  • Boneless or traditional wings?
  • When thinking of Memorial Day, do you think it has to consist of sun, grilling out, drinking, and outdoor games like I do?
  • My mom won’t read this…but this weekend is her birthday and we got her an iPad
  • Yes, I’m spreading my obsession with Apple products to my Mother
  • A hot dog, brat, or hamburger on the grill – can only have one…what is it?
  • Speaking of Apple products, if anyone out there is considering a new laptop and doesn’t consider the MacBook Air you’re selling yourself short. Just saying.
  • That might be about it…I could probably go on forever, but I need to go eat…enjoy your weekend, folks! (remember sun, grilling out, drinking, and outdoor games and throw some golf in there as well)

Random III

It’s Friday so why not do another post about my random thoughts/observations/questions? I might as well make this a Friday ritual…

  • why isn’t the number 11 pronounced onety-one?
  • have you filed your taxes yet?
  • just found out i am going to Seattle for work — sweet!
  • is it how often you drink or how much you drink which makes you an alcoholic?
  • or is it just if you do bad things when you’re drunk that makes you an alcoholic?
  • women with long legs and high heels are sexy except if they cannot walk in them (do some girls just not care? or do they really not realize how ridiculous they look trying to walk in them?)
  • speaking of women, they should all own a pair of low top, black, chuck taylor’s (just saying)
  • i cannot decide if lingerie is just a waste and only looks good in magazines or if it’s really practical
  • download ‘Be My Thrill’ and ‘World Spins Madly On’ by The Weepies
  • does anyone want to buy my iPad?
  • blowing your nose too much and having it get raw is awful
  • my morale at work would increase if it was casual day every day
  • i think there was some slight sarcasm ^ then again…
  • logging what you eat definitely makes eating healthier much easier
  • i turn 24 in approximately 16 days — i can’t decide if that’s old?! haha
  • i’ll be in florida on the beach for my birthday so it doesn’t really matter
  • i have no explanation for why or why i didn’t capitalize certain words in this post
  • i’m going to see ‘Hair’ this weekend at The Orpheum
  • do people generally prefer sex with the lights on or off?
  • does pressing the elevator buttons more make the door close faster?
  • if you haven’t made out in an elevator, do it. you’d be surprised how fast you get to your desired floor
  • this is what i’m eating for breakfast tomorrow morning
  • disregard what i said about eating healthy above (saturday is my free day)
  • on that note, have a wonderful friday and weekend, folks

Just One More Bite

Between Thanksgiving and New Years I think I eat more food during this time than the rest of the year as a whole.  I think that’s probably the case with a lot of people.  We are around family and friends celebrating different events/holidays and food is plentiful (for most people, I’m not trying to spark any debates about the less fortunate so don’t bother).  We have more vacation days resulting in even more eating and drinking.  To make matters worse, for people going out of town for the holidays they try to limit their grocery shopping since they will be out of the house for extended periods of time in which results in eating out more.  All of this is a good thing though, or so I tell myself.  Who cares if we put on a little extra weight during the holidays, it only makes losing weight next year easier…since that’s at the top of the list of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions AGAIN, right?

Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving is sort of like “spring break” in the fall for college students seeing as it’s the only days we get off the entire semester.  At the University of Minnesota, we get Thursday and Friday off.  It’s just an extended weekend giving us all a chance to go home and spend some time with our families if we aren’t from a city too far from Minneapolis.  Seeing as it’s our only break of the semester you’d think it would be a good time to relax and get away from school.  Hold your horses right there.  Most teachers see this as missing an entire week of class so they pile on the work.  This really isn’t the case considering that we miss only one class day, two if you have a class every day which is doubtful.  This is my pitch to everyone to work on their homework before the break comes so we can actually be rewarded with an extended break and enjoy the time we will get with our families, or who ever you’re spending time with for the holidays.  If you aren’t spending time with anyone then enjoy the time alone and do something nice for yourself.

Hopefully everyone eats a lot of food and enjoys their Thanksgiving!