Just Say Something

Have you ever not said or done something because you were scared to get rejected and/or end up with nothing? If so, we all know how it goes: we feel like we should not have said anything and kept going with what we had because we were content – whatever that means. We try to justify that having something is better than having nothing. But we shouldn’t be content with what we have right now if we want something more. Simply going through the motions because we’re afraid that asking for more might result in us having less, or nothing, is the wrong way to look at it. If you want more, it means you’re not happy with the current situation. Holding onto this because it’s “something” is a waste of your time and effort. Waiting around for more to just come may eventually happen, but the possibility of waiting around and that resulting in nothing is just as likely. It isn’t worth the risk.

Ask yourself this: would you rather ask for more knowing you tried and did everything in your power to achieve this and end up with nothing (and be slighty embarrassedal albeit only temporarily) or continue trying to convince yourself that what you have now is ok but more would be much better never knowing if you could have actually had more?

I almost learned the hard way; fortunately, it wasn’t too late and things worked out for the better. Don’t find out the hard way. Say something regardless if it’s easier said than done.

(This might be rather confusing because I purposely left this as vague as possible, but you can apply it to anything this way – your current job situation, a relationship, etc.)


Apparently I Love Lists

  • is there anything better worse than grocery shopping while you’re starving?
  • there’s that perfect volume on your headphones where you can fully enjoy the music but still hear your surroundings if need be
  • is it weird that staying home, drinking, and playing board games (only if I win) is up there on my list of favorite things to do?
  • if you couldn’t tell by the parentheses above, I am a sore loser
  • it’s so hard not to bite/suck on the strings that hang from hooded sweatshirts
  • do swimmers have swimmer bodies because they swim or do they swim because the have a swimmer’s body?
  • Jolly Rancher’s are severely underrated
  • why are glasses so much dirtier when you take them off? how do we not see all the dirt when we’re wearing them?
  • realizing I’m going the exact speed when I see a speed limit sign makes me smile
  • guys wear their pants so you can see their boxer/briefs/etc. whereas girls do anything possible to keep their underwear/panties below their pants
  • for some reason I really want to go camping
  • most of the time hearing random quirks about yourself that delight others is better than receiving a “traditional” compliment
  • lastly, have a wonderful valentine’s day with your fling/lover/partner/friend/etc.

More Random Musings…

  • watch these two mic’d up videos of Tim Tebow & Matthew Stafford during an NFL game — these guys are studs
  • does everyone have that one song that just puts ’em in a good mood? (“What’s My Name?” by Rihanna is mine)
  • you never find anything when you’re shopping for something specific, but when it’s the other way around…watch out
  • Rumplemintz should be everyone’s go-to shot — no chase and leaves the breath minty fresh
  • Bruno Mars reminds me of Robin Thicke
  • board games are way under-utilized (sign me up for Catch Phrase any night of the week)
  • doesn’t NyQuil realize their “flavors” all taste terrible?
  • eating a bad sunflower seed kills the whole batch in your mouth
  • as much as this pains me to say, I’d love to see the Packers win the Super Bowl
  • I finally watched Inception — is it all just a dream…?
  • if you own an iPhone/iPod Touch you need to download Words With Friends — this game is addicting and fun
  • have most people kissed someone as the New Year has arrived?
  • on that note, I’m done and have yourself a wonderful New Year

Kissing is weird.

I had a random statement about kissing in my last post, and it kind of got me thinking. No one really “teaches” us how to kiss. As kids we see our parents kiss, people kiss on TV, the list goes, but when we first kiss someone, how do we have any clue what we’re doing? We don’t, really. We kiss someone and bam, we think we know how to kiss. It is never something we practice or work on to get better at. Obviously, you kiss someone a lot because you enjoy kissing them and are attracted to them but it’s never to practice…is it? How do we know if we’re good at it then? The people we kiss aren’t going to tell us we aren’t good kissers because that would hurt our feelings, change the relationship, and potentially lead to no more kissing – we don’t want that. We deal with the kissing because it is intimate and a sign of attraction even though we may be thinking in the back of our heads that maybe we, or they, should practice kissing. When you are out with someone new, it is always very nerve-wracking when you try things that you’re not very good at or uncomfortable doing because you think you might embarrass yourself. But with kissing it’s not like people don’t want to kiss because they think they’re a bad kisser and would get embarrassed doing it. People get scared to go in for a kiss, but that’s generally because they are not sure if the other person wants to do it as well not because they think they lack “proper” kissing skills.

I feel like I could go on on and keep asking questions, but that’s enough. It’s crazy thinking about the dynamic of kissing in relationships and kissing in general. Maybe I am the only one who thinks about weird shit like this, but if you have any answers, opinions, statements, etc. please say something I am curious to hear other viewpoints on kissing.


  • A cold glass of milk always tastes the best after eating ice cream
  • During your first kiss, how did you know what to do with your tongue?
  • Just thinking about how we learn (if you can call it that) to kiss is weird
  • Chapped lips without having chapstick is awful
  • It’s funny to think about people farting that you’ve never heard fart
  • Hangover is much funnier if you’re drinking (then again, isn’t everything?)
  • Chuck Taylor’s are terrible winter shoes
  • You’re never too old to go sledding
  • Saying “Happy Birthday” to someone on Facebook you haven’t talked to in years doesn’t make you nice
  • It feels good when the rest of the tonic perfectly mixes a new drink
  • Is the best part of eating cheetos before or after you get to lick your fingers?
  • Is there anything better than a cold glass of juice the morning after a long night?
  • Adding “lol” to everything is annoying but there is no way to sound sarcastic via emails/IMs
  • I like Roy Williams, but please, hold onto the football, man
  • Lastly, hopefully you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break

  • Random Thoughts/Observations/Questions

    1. Netflix is brilliant and cheap.
    2. Do noises get louder when you’re alone? It sure seems like it.
    3. It’s irritating how few people know how to correctly use your/you’re, there/their/they’re, and our/are.
    4. It’s funny when people wear watches but still check their cell phone for the time.
    5. I like to drink out of old jars.
    6. 98 Pounds in Minneapolis is by far the best Chinese buffet – decent sushi and a ton of options.
    7. Instapaper is a must use. So is Simplenote. If you haven’t heard of those, google them.
    8. Is there anything better tasting than a bag of buttery popcorn?
    9. It really is not that hard to turn your blinker on, right?
    10. Another handy application: Notational Velocity.
    11. An email in Outlook is not shown as read until you click back off the email. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.
    12. Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s is my favorite song at the moment.
    14. Does grunting louder allow you to lift more?
    15. Going to work out is the hardest, but you feel amazing when you’re done.
    16. The NFL season gets underway tomorrow – Vikings @ Saints.
    17. How can some people listen to music and read at the same time?
    18. These thoughts/observations/questions were not as cool as I had anticipated…lol, oops.

    A Beautiful Day In May

    So it has been over a month since my last post, and I don’t feel bad at all.  I have a habit of running off a number of posts within a few days then heading back into hibernation until I get the urge again.  Apparently, I just got that urge.  Many things have changed in the last month or so, but in a few words I am back at home working for the summer and deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life.  Currently I have yet to think of any get-rich-quick schemes which would allow me to delay the “real world”, but I have managed to play a lot of golf.  I recently bought a new driver, the TaylorMade R9 Supertri, and have been hitting the ball really well.  I have added about 10-15 yards to my drives, but better yet, the driver is much more consistent as it allows for a much wider margin for error.  My ball-striking has finally come around with my irons as has my short game.  Now I need to figure out my distance control and all will be well, until I start doing something else wrong, that is. Golf always seems to work that way.  My goal is to have my handicap at or under 5 by the end of the summer; it is currently an 8 but trending to a 7.

    Other than staying busy with work and golf, I am re-reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.  Now is the perfect time for me to focus on my spending/saving and build a solid financial foundation for my future.  Specifically, I have opened a Roth IRA and am funding that account so I can start making some investments.  It is all a bit scary seeing as it is my first time, but it is also very exciting knowing that I am getting started with something many people often wish they had started much sooner.  Along with this book, I have also been reading Miami Babylon by Gerald Posner.  The book, thus far, is a fascinating tale about the development of Miami and South Beach.  I am only a little more than half-way through but intend on putting a good dent in it this afternoon once I publish this post.

    The last bit occupying my mind is whether or not to purchase the iPad.  I have been constantly been changing my mind during the last few weeks. I have read countless reviews — both positive and negative — and have settled on the base 16 GB wi-fi model.  I thought the 3G would be a nice feature to have, but the additional $130 for a feature I would not often use due to wi-fi being just about everywhere nowadays just is not worth it. And, I have my iPhone to get me through the situations where an internet connection is a necessity.  As of now my cart on the Apple Store has an iPad sitting in it, now all I need to do is press checkout.