The Cowboys finally got their first win of the young 2010 season. The win came just in time…for their bye. Week four bye’s seem to be way to early in the season, but that is besides the point. Dallas desperately needed to get their first win, and many thought last weekend in Houston would provide them with the same result the first two weeks did – a loss. Fortunately this was not the case. The final score did not accurately reflect the game at all. The score late in the third quarter was 10-3. The game had the feel of the first two, but this time the Cowboys made the plays necessary to finish off their opponent. They put together a seven play, 90 yard drive to go up 17-3. This drive along with a key defensive stand in the red zone to hold Houston to a field goal inevitably put the game in the Cowboys’ favor. The defense and offense both made plays when necessary. This was the first time both sides played well in the same game.

All of this sounds nice, but Dallas is still 1-2. That still is not good. They need to come out of the bye week against Tennessee and put together the same type of performance as they did in week three to keep things rolling. No one can beat Dallas if their offense and defense are both clicking at the same time, but that is one HUGE if.



The most recent Dallas game was not on TV here in Minneapolis because the Vikings and Packers were also on at 12pm last Sunday so I was not able to watch it as closely as I generally do. I also was not able to hear anything (some would say that was a good thing considering Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were doing the announcing, but I actually like them). Just as last week, there is not a whole lot more that I can say about this game than what has already been said. The Cowboys turned the ball over 3 times to the Bears 0. That right there says enough. The Bears definitely outplayed the Cowboys but it was a game Dallas could have easily won. As I try to move on to the Houston game, I cannot help but think that going into the bye week with an 0-3 record would be absolutely atrocious and definitely unexpected coming into the season. Am I ready to give up on this team? I would not go that far yet because the pieces are there, but if they lose this weekend in which I am fully expecting, and follow that with a loss at home to Tennessee after their bye week then I will have started thinking solely about my fantasy teams. This leads me to my ultimate question: does success from your fantasy team(s) downplay the lack of success from your favorite team? My two fantasy teams are 2-0, and as we know Dallas is 0-2. I am not going to lie, I would much rather have it the other way around.


I have read all week about the disappointing loss the Cowboys had last Sunday night against the Redskins, and frankly,
there is not a whole lot more that I can add. Everyone – blogs, newspapers, magazines, web sites, tv stations, etc. – had/still has the Cowboys as a NFC title contender. They say the same thing every year, “Dallas has the most talent
in the NFL and another year of experience under their belt, this is the year they put it all together.” But the thing is, how
many years can you continue to say that?

I didn’t think Dallas would be any different this year compared to last year. What changed? The addition of Dez Bryant is the only real drastic change. They added a few other rookies and cut a few veterans (Flozell Adams comes to mind and some would say he was a big piece of the team). Other than him the core team is all back. If most of the team is back, why would the way they play instantly change this year? The Cowboys are known for having highly talented players that make a lot of dumb mistakes. This is exactly what we saw at times last year, and it’s exactly what we saw Sunday night. They can throw stretches of good football out there for a few games like they did towards the end of last year, but a team cannot consistently beat good teams if they always shoot themselves in the foot. Can the Cowboys win the Super Bowl? Of course. There are a number of teams that are capable of winning the Super Bowl, but there are things that need to change for their chances to increase; the same things we’ve been saying for the last few years that have yet to change. I am still a Cowboys fan through and through and will always be one, but I do understand what the Cowboys are and what they aren’t. And trust me, deep down I keep telling myself it was only the first game of the year and on the road against a tough divisional foe. There is still time to change things and get better, but then it all comes back, why will things all of a sudden change now?

(I sure hope they do, I can only handle so many losses like last Sunday night)

First Fantasy Football Draft

I just completed my first fantasy football draft of the year (I am only in two leagues this year); it was interesting to say the least.  The first round is as follows:

(1) Joe Schmo – Chris Johnson RB
(2) The Sphinxmen – Adrian Peterson RB
(3) Team larson – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(4) Team MEAD – Aaron Rodgers QB
(5) Team Loganathan – Ray Rice RB
(6) Team Titterington – Steven Jackson RB
(7) St. Charles Red Legs – Peyton Manning QB
** (8) Erin Andrews’ Peephole – Michael Turner RB
(9) Team Williams – Brett Favre QB
(10) Neverland Ranchhands – Drew Brees QB
(11) Peoria HighFlyers – Frank Gore RB
(12) Team Wolter – Eli Manning QB
(13) Westside Moneymakers – Tom Brady QB
(14) Diamond Dreams – Matt Schaub QB
(15) Red Stick Free Vick – Philip Rivers QB
(16) Team Woodraska – Andre Johnson WR

So the first few picks were expected.  Then both Mannings, Favre, and all the other QBs.  Really?!?!  It was crazy.  I ended up with Michael Turner; it was between him and Andre Johnson.  Johnson ended up falling all the way down to the 16th slot.  I am not sure how much I like my team, but it could all change after the first few weeks.  I will post updates as the season continues.  Enjoy and good luck with your draft(s).

MLB Predictions Revisited

The MLB season is a little more than halfway through so I am going to revisit my preseason predictions to see where I stand.  Let’s take a look at the division leaders first.  My predictions will be in the standard font, and the actual leaders will be in bold in the parentheses.

NL Central – STL (STL)
NL West – Rockies (Padres)
NL East – Phillies (Braves)
NL Wildcard – Braves (Reds & Giants)

AL Central – Twins (White Sox)
AL West – Rangers (Rangers)
AL East – Yankees (Yankees)
AL Wildcard – Rays (Rays)

That isn’t too bad. I have 5/8 teams currently in the playoffs.

Now let’s take a look at the MVPs and Cy Young winners. Same format as above, obviously the ones in bold would be my MVPs/Cy Youngs at the moment.

NL MVP – Pujols (Howard or Pujols)
AL MVP – ARod (Miguel Cabrera)
NL Cy Young – Halladay (Wainwright)
AL Cy Young – Felix (Sabathia)

I didn’t quite do so well on the awards. I was way off on the Cy Young winners. Halladay hasn’t pitched very well since his perfect game, and the Phillies’ offense has been terrible. Felix has pitched well, but he plays for Seattle. Enough said. Pujols will still win the MVP. And ARod has a ton of RBIs but doesn’t stand a chance if Cabrera keeps this up. Josh Hamilton is on his heels if he stays healthy as well.

Cardinals Thru 7

5-2 through their first seven games isn’t too bad, but their record should be 7-0. The starting pitching has been there with the exception of Carpenter being a little shaky in his first two starts (5 HRs allowed already vs. 7 HRs all of last year). The offense has been scoring runs as well, but then again when Pujols has 5 HRs and is hitting over .400 he can single-handedly score enough runs to win.

The only real issue thus far is the same issue it was expected to be: the bullpen. They’ve gotten both loses in two walk-off homers in the bottom of the ninth inning. Motte still thinks he can throw it by everyone, and Franklin needs pin-point location to succeed as his stuff steadily declines.  The lefties have been solid as usual.  Boggs and Hawksworth have gotten the job done when called upon and surprisingly, McClellan has struggled mightily.  This will continue to be an issue throughout the season and will be the one thing that constantly holds the Cardinals back.

This week the Cardinals have the Astros and the Mets.  Let’s go, Cards!!

2010 MLB Predictions

Spring training is finally over, and fantasy baseball is underway.  As I watch the Soxx continue to play like tonight’s game is an exhibition contest I will put forth my predictions for the upcoming season.  They are as follows:

NL MVP – Albert Pujols
AL MVP – Alex Rodriguez

NL Cy Young – Roy Halladay
AL Cy Young – Felix Hernandez

NL Central – St. Louis Cardinals
NL West – Colorado Rockies
NL East – Philadelphia Phillies
NL Wildcard – Atlanta Braves

AL Central – Minnesota Twins
AL West – Texas Rangers
AL East – New York Yankees
AL Wildcard – Tampa Bay Rays

World Series – Cardinals over Yankees (I am a huge Cardinals fan)