Moving on…

I will no longer be posting new entries here as I have moved my blog elsewhere. You can find it here.


Observations from Toronto

  • Inside of every building is hot as hell – like you sweat when it’s freezing outside.
  • Sushi restaurants here are like Starbucks in America.
  • Sex shops sure aren’t hard to find either.
  • Toronto is really big but doesn’t feel big; I like that.
  • All women wear a skirt with leggings or tights and a pair of boots every day.
  • Toronto is south of Minneapolis.
  • People walk super fast here.
  • There are no bathrooms, only washrooms.
  • Public transportation is setup perfectly here.
  • Alcohol is insanely expensive from the stores; in the bar, not so bad.
  • Turnstile-like doors are everywhere.
  • There are no such thing as lines – basically just a mad dash for the door/entrance/exit/etc.
  • Porter Airlines has free wine and beer on their flights.
  • Tim Tebow is talked about here as much as he is in the US (way too much).
  • And finally, yes, you should visit Toronto if you have the opportunity.

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Today is my wonderful Mother’s birthday. She’s never used a computer on her own before, let alone own one, so today we’re giving her her very own iPad (hopefully she can figure out how to launch this site and read this post). I’m not going to lie, but I’m not even sure how old she is turning today. The truth is though it doesn’t even matter because she looks/acts/lives her life like a much younger woman than she is. Then again, I don’t think she’s really counting anymore either. Really, her birthday just gives us another excuse (as if we need anymore) to all get together to eat and drink too much. Here is too my Mother – happy birthday, Mom. I love you.