Random III

It’s Friday so why not do another post about my random thoughts/observations/questions? I might as well make this a Friday ritual…

  • why isn’t the number 11 pronounced onety-one?
  • have you filed your taxes yet?
  • just found out i am going to Seattle for work — sweet!
  • is it how often you drink or how much you drink which makes you an alcoholic?
  • or is it just if you do bad things when you’re drunk that makes you an alcoholic?
  • women with long legs and high heels are sexy except if they cannot walk in them (do some girls just not care? or do they really not realize how ridiculous they look trying to walk in them?)
  • speaking of women, they should all own a pair of low top, black, chuck taylor’s (just saying)
  • i cannot decide if lingerie is just a waste and only looks good in magazines or if it’s really practical
  • download ‘Be My Thrill’ and ‘World Spins Madly On’ by The Weepies
  • does anyone want to buy my iPad?
  • blowing your nose too much and having it get raw is awful
  • my morale at work would increase if it was casual day every day
  • i think there was some slight sarcasm ^ then again…
  • logging what you eat definitely makes eating healthier much easier
  • i turn 24 in approximately 16 days — i can’t decide if that’s old?! haha
  • i’ll be in florida on the beach for my birthday so it doesn’t really matter
  • i have no explanation for why or why i didn’t capitalize certain words in this post
  • i’m going to see ‘Hair’ this weekend at The Orpheum
  • do people generally prefer sex with the lights on or off?
  • does pressing the elevator buttons more make the door close faster?
  • if you haven’t made out in an elevator, do it. you’d be surprised how fast you get to your desired floor
  • this is what i’m eating for breakfast tomorrow morning
  • disregard what i said about eating healthy above (saturday is my free day)
  • on that note, have a wonderful friday and weekend, folks

A Beautiful Day In May

So it has been over a month since my last post, and I don’t feel bad at all.  I have a habit of running off a number of posts within a few days then heading back into hibernation until I get the urge again.  Apparently, I just got that urge.  Many things have changed in the last month or so, but in a few words I am back at home working for the summer and deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life.  Currently I have yet to think of any get-rich-quick schemes which would allow me to delay the “real world”, but I have managed to play a lot of golf.  I recently bought a new driver, the TaylorMade R9 Supertri, and have been hitting the ball really well.  I have added about 10-15 yards to my drives, but better yet, the driver is much more consistent as it allows for a much wider margin for error.  My ball-striking has finally come around with my irons as has my short game.  Now I need to figure out my distance control and all will be well, until I start doing something else wrong, that is. Golf always seems to work that way.  My goal is to have my handicap at or under 5 by the end of the summer; it is currently an 8 but trending to a 7.

Other than staying busy with work and golf, I am re-reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.  Now is the perfect time for me to focus on my spending/saving and build a solid financial foundation for my future.  Specifically, I have opened a Roth IRA and am funding that account so I can start making some investments.  It is all a bit scary seeing as it is my first time, but it is also very exciting knowing that I am getting started with something many people often wish they had started much sooner.  Along with this book, I have also been reading Miami Babylon by Gerald Posner.  The book, thus far, is a fascinating tale about the development of Miami and South Beach.  I am only a little more than half-way through but intend on putting a good dent in it this afternoon once I publish this post.

The last bit occupying my mind is whether or not to purchase the iPad.  I have been constantly been changing my mind during the last few weeks. I have read countless reviews — both positive and negative — and have settled on the base 16 GB wi-fi model.  I thought the 3G would be a nice feature to have, but the additional $130 for a feature I would not often use due to wi-fi being just about everywhere nowadays just is not worth it. And, I have my iPhone to get me through the situations where an internet connection is a necessity.  As of now my cart on the Apple Store has an iPad sitting in it, now all I need to do is press checkout.

I Want One

I just went back and read my previous post on the iPad and was I correct or what? At least about me seeing one and wanting one. As far as there being no market for it, I think the demand thus far would prove that statement to be incorrect. It isn’t out yet, but there seems to be plenty of buzz going around the Internet about this device. I definitely cannot wait to hit up an Apple store and get my hands on it. I just bought MLB.tv for the upcoming season and would love nothing more than to chill on the couch with my iPad and watch games on its beautiful display. My laptop gets hot and is rather a pain to lay with on the couch. I know that sounds rather picky, but for the price of the iPad I see that as a very reasonable use of this gadget.

I will get my hands on one soon and hopefully won’t want one too bad.

iSlate, iPad, iTablet, etc.

I am a big Apple fan. I currently use an aluminum MacBook, but I have also had the 12″ PowerBook and the white iMac G4 (the one that stuck its tongue out in te commercials). I am in my second iPhone. I initially used the first generation iPhone on T-Mobile then made the switch to AT&T and got the iPhone 3GS. What does this all mean?

As much as I love Apple I still see no reason for a tablet. I think they are sweet, but they don’t serve any real needs. Would I love to have one and whip it out to watch a movie, play a game, or read a book? Absolutely. But I can do that with my iPhone or laptop already. Granted it’ll weigh less, have better battery life, provide a nicer screen but it’ll cost way too much to justify any of that. The one real market I see is students. I just graduated, but it would have been awesome to have the ability to carry around a single evice with access to all my textbooks, notes, and homework. I don’t know if we’d be required to buy each ebook or if there would be some sort of subscription fee, but either way I think that’s the most likely case in which I’d use it.

If anyone can create a useful tablet it’ll be Apple, but I just don’t see the market. It’s a niche market like the MacBook Air. There will be a few people who it directly targets and people who have exposable income to spend on it, but I don’t believe people will save up their money just to get it.

After all this, I’ll probably see it next Wednesday (Jan. 27th) and still want one.