Other than the score…

…Lambeau Field and the Dallas/GB game was amazing.  The whole trip went about as smooth as possible as well.  We drove to Appleton, WI which is about 30 miles south of Green Bay since we were not able to find a hotel room in Green Bay at such late notice.  The last thing we wanted to worry about was driving to and from the game.  We managed to find a sports bar down the street from the hotel which offered a shuttle to and from the game – how perfect.  The bus left three hours before the game and took us to the same sports bar in Green Bay.  This all sounds peachy, but about the only thing that was brutal during the entire trip was the 45 minute bus ride that ensued with just about everyone needing to go to the bathroom ten minutes into the ride.  I did fail to mention that the buses were the big yellow ones…no coach buses for us.  I don’t think anyone pissed their pants (at least no one in my group did).

Once we were near the stadium and out of the bus, it was essentially 70,000 people eating, drinking, and yelling at the top of their lungs. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better.  The atmosphere was insane.  I went in rooting for the Cowboys, obviously, but knew deep down it wasn’t likely they’d win.  Regardless, I was THAT guy in the stands yelling when the ‘Boys scored to make it 28-7 thinking we were back into the ballgame. The final score didn’t quite rile me up as much as usual (their 1-6 record coming in probably had something to do with it).  I was there to experience Lambeau, win or loss.  And that is exactly what I did.

I also failed to mention the score was 45-7, if you didn’t know.

Good thing the beer was cold.


Cross It Off

I think it is quite obvious I am a huge sports fan seeing as 95% of the posts on this blog focus on sports, but there are a number of things holding me back from taking that next step up the sports fan ladder. One thing that separates fans is how many sporting venues they have attended, but not only that, it’s how historic the venues really are (Wrigley, Madison Square Garden, Fenway, Lambeau, Augusta National, etc). Another important thing is thecaliber of events they’ve been to. The World Series, Super Bowl, Final Four, the PGA majors, the list goes on. Those are the events we always remember regardless of who played or what happened because it’s just special being there. It might truly be a once and a lifetime experience.

I have been to my fair share of sporting events, but when it really comes down to it, the big games and venues are what is missing from my list. So in the past six months I’ve made it a point to get to a couple of famous stadiums and events. I finally attended a baseball game at Wrigley field (and it was against the STL Cardinals – they won) and sat in the bleachers. it was incredible. There were about 15 of us wearing our Cardinal red and cheering loudly. I was also able to attend the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. I will say golf events are not one of my favorite sports to see live, but the course itself was truly amazing to see in person. And one more that I plan on crossing off this weekend is seeing my dreadful Dallas Cowboys play at Lambeau. It would probably be more exciting if the Cowboys weren’t 1-6 and underdogs by 9.5 points, but hell, the experience will be awesome and to boot, it is the Sunday night game on NBC. We plan on tailgating with the best of ’em and trying to stay warm.

I am going to put together a list of events/venues that I need to attend – sort of my sports fan bucket list if you will – and continue to make an effort to cross them off.

Go Cowboys!