Memorial Weekend Nonsense

  • Is gas ever not $x.xx and 9/10?
  • I cannot stand drivers who do not get above 40 mph on the on ramp
  • Looking for a new apartment and thinking about moving is never fun
  • Signing a lease and relaxing once you’re all moved in is always fun (or so I thought…)
  • No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not going to eat chips and salsa from your favorite Mexican restaurant it never happens. You are still full before your meal comes then even more miserable afterwards
  • I’ve been exposed to a ton of good music lately (The Weepies, Tegan & Sara to name some), and it’s definitely one of those things where you don’t know what you’re missing until you know what is out there
  • I always struggle with whether or not to capitalize the first letter in bulleted posts (I obviously decided to capitalize them in this post)
  • Boneless or traditional wings?
  • When thinking of Memorial Day, do you think it has to consist of sun, grilling out, drinking, and outdoor games like I do?
  • My mom won’t read this…but this weekend is her birthday and we got her an iPad
  • Yes, I’m spreading my obsession with Apple products to my Mother
  • A hot dog, brat, or hamburger on the grill – can only have one…what is it?
  • Speaking of Apple products, if anyone out there is considering a new laptop and doesn’t consider the MacBook Air you’re selling yourself short. Just saying.
  • That might be about it…I could probably go on forever, but I need to go eat…enjoy your weekend, folks! (remember sun, grilling out, drinking, and outdoor games and throw some golf in there as well)

Cross It Off

I think it is quite obvious I am a huge sports fan seeing as 95% of the posts on this blog focus on sports, but there are a number of things holding me back from taking that next step up the sports fan ladder. One thing that separates fans is how many sporting venues they have attended, but not only that, it’s how historic the venues really are (Wrigley, Madison Square Garden, Fenway, Lambeau, Augusta National, etc). Another important thing is thecaliber of events they’ve been to. The World Series, Super Bowl, Final Four, the PGA majors, the list goes on. Those are the events we always remember regardless of who played or what happened because it’s just special being there. It might truly be a once and a lifetime experience.

I have been to my fair share of sporting events, but when it really comes down to it, the big games and venues are what is missing from my list. So in the past six months I’ve made it a point to get to a couple of famous stadiums and events. I finally attended a baseball game at Wrigley field (and it was against the STL Cardinals – they won) and sat in the bleachers. it was incredible. There were about 15 of us wearing our Cardinal red and cheering loudly. I was also able to attend the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. I will say golf events are not one of my favorite sports to see live, but the course itself was truly amazing to see in person. And one more that I plan on crossing off this weekend is seeing my dreadful Dallas Cowboys play at Lambeau. It would probably be more exciting if the Cowboys weren’t 1-6 and underdogs by 9.5 points, but hell, the experience will be awesome and to boot, it is the Sunday night game on NBC. We plan on tailgating with the best of ’em and trying to stay warm.

I am going to put together a list of events/venues that I need to attend – sort of my sports fan bucket list if you will – and continue to make an effort to cross them off.

Go Cowboys!

Sports Everywhere

The Dallas bye week is behind us. The MLB playoffs are underway. It is a great time to be a sports fan right now. The Ryder Cup was as thrilling as I’ve ever seen, albeit I have not seen many Ryder Cup’s in my short existence here. Either way, seeing Hunter Mahan duff a chip when the cup was on the line makes me feel a little better about my golf game; I am not quite sure why, but it does. Then again I am not sure I’d my golf game a golf game after the way I played last weekend. I think I ended up losing more golf balls than the number of holes I played.

Speaking of the MLB playoffs, there have been a number of great performances already. Roy Halladay threw the second postseason no-hitter ever, and it was his first postseason start – can we say clutch? Tim Lincecum also dominated last night striking out a SF Giants’ playoff record 14 batters. The Minnesota Twins have also put on quite a display. They have continued their utter abysmal play against the Yankees. It really is impressive that the Twins have scored first in the last 9 games against them and lost every one. And apparently the fans knew what they were doing in Tampa by not going to the games seeing as the Rays have been outscored 11-1 in the first two games. Who would have thought the Rangers would be in the ALCS this year? It is impressive, and they have as good of a chance has anyone to beat the Yankees.

I am thrilled Dallas will be back on the field this Sunday, and I will have more to root for than my fantasy guys. I will be watching to see if Dallas can get their first W at home this season against the Titans. I would prefer the duo of Tony Romo and Miles Austin to dominate the game and box score. That way the ‘Boys as well as my two fantasy teams will all finish the week as winners.

Until next time, enjoy…

A Beautiful Day In May

So it has been over a month since my last post, and I don’t feel bad at all.  I have a habit of running off a number of posts within a few days then heading back into hibernation until I get the urge again.  Apparently, I just got that urge.  Many things have changed in the last month or so, but in a few words I am back at home working for the summer and deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life.  Currently I have yet to think of any get-rich-quick schemes which would allow me to delay the “real world”, but I have managed to play a lot of golf.  I recently bought a new driver, the TaylorMade R9 Supertri, and have been hitting the ball really well.  I have added about 10-15 yards to my drives, but better yet, the driver is much more consistent as it allows for a much wider margin for error.  My ball-striking has finally come around with my irons as has my short game.  Now I need to figure out my distance control and all will be well, until I start doing something else wrong, that is. Golf always seems to work that way.  My goal is to have my handicap at or under 5 by the end of the summer; it is currently an 8 but trending to a 7.

Other than staying busy with work and golf, I am re-reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.  Now is the perfect time for me to focus on my spending/saving and build a solid financial foundation for my future.  Specifically, I have opened a Roth IRA and am funding that account so I can start making some investments.  It is all a bit scary seeing as it is my first time, but it is also very exciting knowing that I am getting started with something many people often wish they had started much sooner.  Along with this book, I have also been reading Miami Babylon by Gerald Posner.  The book, thus far, is a fascinating tale about the development of Miami and South Beach.  I am only a little more than half-way through but intend on putting a good dent in it this afternoon once I publish this post.

The last bit occupying my mind is whether or not to purchase the iPad.  I have been constantly been changing my mind during the last few weeks. I have read countless reviews — both positive and negative — and have settled on the base 16 GB wi-fi model.  I thought the 3G would be a nice feature to have, but the additional $130 for a feature I would not often use due to wi-fi being just about everywhere nowadays just is not worth it. And, I have my iPhone to get me through the situations where an internet connection is a necessity.  As of now my cart on the Apple Store has an iPad sitting in it, now all I need to do is press checkout.