Things I Learned/Observed on SB in Panama City Beach

  • it’s old and dirty
  • it was never too early to start drinking (like 8am start drinking)
  • there are a lot of tan women with big boobs/butts that look good from your hotel balcony but very few that actually look good when you’re on the beach
  • food service (and just about any other service) is terrible in Florida (I expected this but it still sucks going through it each and every time)
  • don’t expect a taxi to actually show up if you call one; walk the street and flag one down
  • do not plan on getting any sleep
  • the bigger the group of people you go with the better (even if it is all dudes)
  • you will see every type of person on the beach and lots of them
  • the daytime partying on the beach is what makes spring break what it is; the nightlife is no different than any big city
  • you’ll need way fewer clothes than you think you will (then again, every vacation is like that)
  • determine how much you think you will spend. Then double it. The prices will surprise you everywhere you go. ($8 for a gallon of terrible OJ, for example)
  • every car you see has rims that are worth at least twice as much as the car they’re on and the cars are shit
  • don’t forget to put on sunscreen just because you’re out drinking
  • flip-flops/shoes are always optional
  • shirts are generally optional as well
  • bring the biggest plastic mug/cup/container you have for your drinks on the beach – it limits the number of times you have to go back yo your hotel room and keeps the sand out
  • you have to go to a “typical” spring break destination at least once to see what it is like. it might not be your thing, but the people watching in and of itself definitely makes it worth it

Eating Out & the Service.

I have recently been introduced to the term ‘foodie’.  I have also accepted the fact that I am one. I love going out to eat and trying new places and dishes. I wish I could go out more often and to some “nicer” places but foodie and college student don’t quite go hand-in-hand.  As anyone that goes out to eat knows, service can make-or-break the restaurant regardless of how good the food was or how neat the ambiance was.  I was reading Serious Eats,and they had an article titled 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.  The article mentions a number of “duh” ones, but there are also plenty of others that make you realize how often you deal with little things that you shouldn’t have to.

Take a look at the following two links:

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