Moving on…

I will no longer be posting new entries here as I have moved my blog elsewhere. You can find it here.

Observations from Toronto

  • Inside of every building is hot as hell – like you sweat when it’s freezing outside.
  • Sushi restaurants here are like Starbucks in America.
  • Sex shops sure aren’t hard to find either.
  • Toronto is really big but doesn’t feel big; I like that.
  • All women wear a skirt with leggings or tights and a pair of boots every day.
  • Toronto is south of Minneapolis.
  • People walk super fast here.
  • There are no bathrooms, only washrooms.
  • Public transportation is setup perfectly here.
  • Alcohol is insanely expensive from the stores; in the bar, not so bad.
  • Turnstile-like doors are everywhere.
  • There are no such thing as lines – basically just a mad dash for the door/entrance/exit/etc.
  • Porter Airlines has free wine and beer on their flights.
  • Tim Tebow is talked about here as much as he is in the US (way too much).
  • And finally, yes, you should visit Toronto if you have the opportunity.

I suck at blogging.

  • it’s always awkward when you catch someone staring at you, and vice versa
  • who drives like they were taught in driving school?!
  • doesn’t a low-key cafe/coffee shop that serves liquor sound ideal for studying/getting work done? there aren’t any places in-between the typical coffee shop and the loud bar.
  • warm toilet seats are nice, but it’s a bit creepy knowing why it’s warm
  • was 21 pulled from a hat for the drinking age or how did that come about?
  • Tim McCarver is quite possibly the worst announcer. 
  • between NFL football and the MLB postseason I have zero nails left
  • clearly by the point above I started these a while ago…
  • went to STL for game 7 (absolute chaos!)
  • is it that hard to use your blinker?
  • when do most people stop making a Christmas list? (I still make one)
  • speaking of Christmas, it’s coming up so fast, damn.
  • why does asparagus make your pee stink? (I feel like I’ve asked this question before)
  • the iPhone 4S is quite snappy
  • Siri and I are still in that awkward phase in our relationship
  • Took a roadtrip to Mason City, IA to visit Historic Park Inn (if you get a chance, go. it’s beauitful.)
  • that’s about it…for now…

Fans & Expectations (Plus sleepless nights)

It has been a while since I’ve written anything about sports on this blog, as a matter of fact, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything at all on this blog, but that’s not really the point here. If you’ve followed this blog before you know it happens quite frequently where I go into long hiatuses followed by frequent, random bursts of words. Anyway, let’s get back to sports (those words may have told you to close the window if you couldn’t care less about sports – lol). Then again this post isn’t about any specific sport, or team, it’s just about being a fan. Being a fan is hard, or maybe stressful is a better word. When a new season begins, expectations are high. It’s tough to sleep when your team struggles early on. When the dust settles things. become clear as do your expectations for your team, and you might even be able to sleep a little better. But no matter how high or low these expectations are, letdown/stress/frustration is always right around the corner. That might sound like a pessimistic way to look at things, but think about it. Only one team finishes the season as the champion. Every other team “failed”. Even the champion didn’t just coast through the season not having caused any stress for their fans. There are ups and downs to every season for every team. That’s something all fans realize and deal with each year, but it’s the years where our teams try to convince us that our expectations should be higher than what they are. Prime example — the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals (yes, we all knew this was coming back to one of my favorite teams). They entered the season with questions all over the diamond, but they managed to hang around for half of the year. The second half came, and they slowly declined to a position where everyone thought they would be. Meanwhile, the fans (aka me) understood that this year wasn’t their year. I was okay with that since my expectations were not that great to begin with. The Cardinals had a lot of issues, and they were finally catching up to them. Fair enough; we all knew this was their fate, or so we thought. I’d go to bed quietly at night thinking about football and worrying more about my fantasy baseball team than the actual one I followed. The results of the games didn’t really matter to me anymore because the expectations were now nonexistent.

But wait a second…Atlanta collpased, and STL played out of their asses and snuck into the playoffs. We thought, “Wow, that was impressive.” What-if’s began to creep into our heads until we realized STL had to beat the Philadelphia Phillies (the best team in all of a baseball I might add) three games before they could do it to us. That wasn’t going to happen was the consensus. Once again, zero expectations. Anything that happens now is just icing on the cake was the mentality. Five games later, STL prevailed by somehow managing to take the series from the Phillies. Holy shit – maybe this really isn’t a fluke!! Now it is starting all over again, expectations are through the roof. The Cardinals didn’t make it this far by chance; they actually have a good baseball team. They can win now and could play in the World Series.

Shit! Now I’m back to sleepless night, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is exactly why we root for our teams in the first place.

It has been too long…

…since my last post of random shit so here goes:

  • so stoked the NFL season is about to start. Come on, Dallas!
  • went camping for the first time a few weekends ago (shit, it’s not “roughin’ it” at all with the setups people have)
  • if you go to NYC, don’t worry about sightseeing just go to eat at as many places as possible
  • while you’re at all of those restaurants, plan on paying $10+ per cocktail
  • does everyone have a favorite outfit?
  • does anyone else like smores with only the graham crackers and chocolate? (I hate marshmallows)
  • why do people get freaked out by sandwich thins? (if you don’t know what those are, shame on you)
  • no better place to people watch than the lake/beach
  • tried oysters for the first time – delicious.
  • some people are just not good at texting – yes you can be good or bad at texting
  • get/send someone close a random gift, it’ll make their day
  • can open relationships really work?
  • if you’re too young to make a decision on making yourself sterile doesn’t that mean you’re too young to have kids as well?
  • busted out an old school NES and Super Mario Bros. on the 50″ plasma last night – didn’t quite feel the same.
  • if you’re in Minneapolis go spend a Saturday morning at one of the numerous Farmers’ Markets
  • the best communication in relationships happens in bed with the lights off (get your mind out of the gutter)

First time to NYC

I recently returned from my first trip to New York City. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get out there. I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arriving because everything I read said something different. I had been researching things to do, places to go, etc. but it seems like everything I read was suddenly lost once I landed. And it is vacation so everything you plan on doing takes a backseat to just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. I will say I think I did a fine job of combining the two: doing just enough to see what I thought was necessary and relaxing as one should on vacation. I don’t think NYC has any ONE thing you need to see (Central Park may be the closest). I say that because we’ve all seen everything on TV and movies. It essentially feels the same when you look at the monuments in person as well.  The thing about NYC is seeing how crazy it is on a daily basis. That’s the one thing I took away from visiting. There’s simply no way to imagine how nuts the traffic, sidewalks, stores, and restaurants all are. Just being in NYC feels different than other places. I would imagine you could go to New York City a dozen times and experience new places each time. There are an overwhelmingly number of places to go. To cut to the chase with this post, I would simply recommend going there with no expectations and just soak it all in. It’s not often you’re going to be in a place with 8 million people. You don’t need to go on all of the tours or see everything your first time; it’s impossible anyway. Walk out of your hotel and just start walking. You’ll find interesting shops, buildings, restaurants around every corner. And when you need to rest, sit outside for lunch, grab a drink, and just watch the hustle bustle that’s out there with you.

PS — don’t buy one those “I heart NYC” shirts, please.

Long Distance Relationships

It’s pretty simple, long distance relationships are hard. This is a given, but the big question is if the situation is temporary, are they good or bad for relationships? I would argue for better. As much as anyone says otherwise relationships develop into a routine. That isn’t meant to sound like a bad thing, I promise. It’s just that we tend to do a lot of the same things over and over with our partners; things we are comfortable doing and enjoying together. We stop noticing certain things that once drew us in and begin taking these things for granted. Then all of a sudden we realize that the other person is going away and that things are going to change for a while. We aren’t going to be able to continue the same routine we’ve been sticking to over the last few days/months/years. We are forced to take a step back and look at the relationship in a different way. We do not get to see and touch our partner the way we’re used to so we have to find other ways to get this connection in which inevitably makes us focus back on the little things. We start to notice the small habits that we miss about the person we’ve been taking for granted. Maybe it’s brushing your teeth together before bed, sitting on the couch with one person’s legs on the other, or maybe it’s just coming home and giving/getting a hug and a kiss. These are the things we need to try and do in different ways so we feel the same connection. This may be a simple letter they don’t know is coming, an email with a link that reminded you of them, or taking 5-10 minutes out at the same time each day just to say hello. Long distance relationships force the people involved to think outside of the box to find ways to recreate the emotions they have when they’re together. They don’t have to cause constant sadness and loneliness. Essentially, they should improve your communication as a couple and reassure you why you’re together in the first place.

Pens & Pencils

Whenever I want to write a letter to someone, or something that I know will last a while, I always grab the same pen. There’s something about how the pen feels in your hand and how the tip feels on the piece of paper. It just seems like your print is always better with that certain pen as well. That probably has something to do with the confidence you feel when using it. Generally, we just grab the pen that’s most convenient and jot something done. When we grab our favorite pen, we want to use it and are excited to use it. When you do something you enjoy you relax and focus a bit more — using your favorite pen is no different.

The same can be said about pencils – mechanical pencils vs. your traditional pencils. Most people have a preference for one or the other. I definitely prefer a mechanical pencil when given the choice. There is always a sharp side of the lead that I can use. I constantly rotate the pencil in my hand to make sure I am writing with that edge. I am not sure what it is, but I feel like my handwriting is dramatically better with a mechanical pencil as opposed to the traditional one.

Where will this end up?

I’m starting this post having no idea where it may end up. I want to write about taking things/people for granted, diets/self-help/finance books failing, why in the hell do we learn cursive, alcoholism, not having any ideas what to write about, having too many ideas but no complete thoughts, why I love lists and random thoughts/ideas/phrases, living alone, why I love geeks and how I wish I was a complete nerd, and probably a lot of other things that crossed through my head lately, but nothing seems to be coming to mind to complete a post about any one of the topics I just listed so I decided to start writing and see what happens. As you can see I’m not really off to a good start.

Maybe this is more of a brainstorming exercise where I think of all the things I want to write about on the above subjects seeing as I just wrote down all of those things and added bullets with additional thoughts. I think this is where I tell you to stop reading and go do something else because nothing is going to follow. I tend to save these random posts/thoughts for my tumblr account (no that wasn’t meant to be a shameless plug), but my blog has been feeling left out lately. Anyway, I give up. I plan on touching each of the topics I mentioned above in much more depth so if you like reading my blog then that will give you something to look forward to.

The answer to the title – no where…yet.

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Today is my wonderful Mother’s birthday. She’s never used a computer on her own before, let alone own one, so today we’re giving her her very own iPad (hopefully she can figure out how to launch this site and read this post). I’m not going to lie, but I’m not even sure how old she is turning today. The truth is though it doesn’t even matter because she looks/acts/lives her life like a much younger woman than she is. Then again, I don’t think she’s really counting anymore either. Really, her birthday just gives us another excuse (as if we need anymore) to all get together to eat and drink too much. Here is too my Mother – happy birthday, Mom. I love you.